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Scottish Coal, a warm coal fire

The advantages

Using our coalEveryone warms to the cosy feeling that only a real fire can give. A welcome to family and friends, creating that special atmosphere. You can build up a stock with solid fuel heating, ensuring that your home will always be warm even in the most adverse weather conditions without worries of power cuts or supply failures.

Open fires have improved vastly in recent years compared to the old days when the majority of the heat disappeared up the chimney or people could only afford to heat one room. However, with today's new efficient boilers and central heating systems, coal is a modern fuel once again.

Also, solid fuel heating can considerably reduce condensation thus eliminating household mould that is often associated with other types of heating. The Asthma Council also state that solid fuel heating is less drying than other forms of heat. Therefore the introduction of moisture into the air makes breathing easier.


A friendly, personal service....

Over 2000 merchants supply solid fuel around Britain today but few can offer the friendly and personal service of James McIntyre & Son Ltd. Give us a call today.  ”

James McIntyre, Director